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I Don't Give A D*MN! eBook

Avonda Anderson

July 2022 979-8-9866209-0-9


This guidebook will aid you through the four stages of the process, to reach the I Don't Give a D*MN! mindset. At this level of awareness, you are ready to conquer your greatest fears and achieve your wildest dreams. You are your own imagination in action, and you are the creator of your own reality. When you truly know this and are ready to put this knowledge to practice your life will never be the same. Your mind will be free to elevate to the highest levels of I Don't Give a D*MN! in all its glory. It is all up to you to put this guide to practice. If you will think about it, you will be about it! And that it can be whatever your imagination can conceive that you can believe.


Your imagination is the center of your reality.

Your mind is always in a state of creation whether you are aware of it or not. Your outer world is a mirror image of what you think about. If you desire and think of abundance, you will have it. If you think of lack and limitation, you will create it. That is why thinking of your desire is the first stage of the process to living free. You can only achieve what your mind can conceive. This is the basis for all creations, it starts in the mind first. It does not matter of any social or educational status either. Anyone can do this, and anyone can achieve any level of success they can think of for themselves. One thing to note is that during this stage your only concern is to think of your desire, do not be concerned with the how. Even if you have failed in the past, keep thinking positive and focus your mind on the desired outcome. And if you can stay in the assumption of having what you want even before it is visible to you, trust me, when I tell you the universal energy will align everything and everyone for your desire to come to life. 


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